Her Mother's Hope: BOOK REVIEW

Francine Rivers is my favorite author. Her latest novel, Her Mother's Hope, was not a disappointment. I loved it, and I cannot wait until Her Daughter's Dream releases in September.

These books tell a beautiful generational family drama. Her Mother's Dream starts with Marta's story, whose difficult childhood sends her traveling to reach her dreams. Tragedy back home just pushes her harder, and eventually she ends up in Canada, where she starts her own family. The second half of the book is about Marta's firstborn daughter, Hildemara. She reminds Marta of her sister, and Marta determines to force some fire into her. Hildemara's dream is to become a nurse, and she pursues that dream, facing a couple of obstacles along the way.

The mother daughter relationships are the focus of this incredible story, spanning both World Wars. The historical details added depth to the story. The characters were well-developed and three-dimensional. I always understood their behavior and decisions, and I could see both sides to each situation. The family interactions were extremely believable and realistic. I came away re-examining my own relationship with my parents and how that influences what type of parent I am.

I loved this book and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. If you haven't read it...you should. It is a wonderful novel that demonstrates the importance of communication within families. Honestly, I would recommend any book written by Francine Rivers. Visit her website to learn more about her and her books


tracysbooknook.com said...

I've actually struggled with Francine Rivers lately. I found that Her Mother’s Hope didn’t have very much hope at all. After writing my own review (which you can read at www.tracysbooknook.com ) I went out and read about 50 other reviews, and 50 out of 50 loved this book. I guess there’s always one in the crowd who doesn’t fit in – and this time it’s me. :-(


janneke said...

I love this books, both of them:)