The Bishop

Wow...This was another great suspense by Steven James. As I was reading, I kept stopping to tell my husband what was happening. I would put the book down and start with something like "this is fascinating, listen..." or "I wonder if they do that, it makes so much sense!"

Patrick Bowers is now in DC with his stepdaughter, Tessa. He is called in on a new case, working with Lien-hua and Cheyenne, both of his love interests. Patrick is facing a couple of big personal trials, and the case does not seem to fit the geoprofiling process that he normally uses. It starts with what looks like one high profile murder and steadily grows to include multiple crimes, multiple deaths, and multiple suspects. I kept making different guesses about what was going to happen and who was involved!

This book has edge of your seat, make you gasp action scenes and tender character growing moments. The plot keeps you turning the pages, but the personal side story keeps the characters real and relatable. There were some deep thought-provoking questions and ideas. AND there was a short and tender conversation between Cheyenne and Tessa at the end, in which Cheyenne gave a glimpse of who Jesus is, that brought tears to my eyes. It was so honest and unexpected that I had to stop reading for a minute just to absorb it...Wonderful! Overall, I'll end this review the way I started it...Wow (when does the next book come out!?!)

I received this book from Revell Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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