Super Sponsor Sunday

Blogmania is just a few weeks away, and I want all my followers prepared for the huge giveaway here! I have a stack of books to giveaway and two sponsors offering items to my winners.
First, Patricia Zilinsky Designs has donated three bookholders and three bookmarks. I have held a preview giveaway for one of the bookmarks and was blessed to be offered a bookholder to keep, which I have on my piano! I love it, and I know you'll want one too!
The Hugger Book Mark ZigZag Bookholder Wave Bookholder

Also, Bits n' Beads by Gilliauna, will be sending one of my winners a beautiful homemade bookmark. The winner can visit her site and choose from a huge selection of gorgeous bookmarks. Here are a few examples.

Please support these wonderful and generous sponsors by visiting their sites and checking out the great products!! Leave a comment telling me that you did and there just may be an extra giveaway involved...

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shannon said...

love the bookmarks! They are beautiful.