Glass Roads Blog Tour: MISSING MAX

From Karen's Website:
Max, Jane and Kyle Madison’s eight-month-old baby boy, is kidnapped on Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans while in the care of his teenage half-sister, Melanie. Six months later, the family is in deep trouble. Melanie feels responsible and riddled with guilt. Jane, a lawyer, is obsessed with finding Max to the exclusion of her career and almost everything else in her life. Her passion is now directed to her work as a volunteer at Child Search, an organization dedicated to finding missing children. Kyle, also a lawyer, has shut down emotionally in his grief. He accuses Jane of neglecting her family in her zeal to find other people’s children and moves into the spare bedroom saying he isn’t sure their marriage is worth saving.

Meanwhile, Jane is warned that she is in danger of losing her job if she doesn’t shape up at work. Struggling to cope, she’s further stressed by the failure of the police to make any progress on finding Max. Time and again her hopes are raised and then dashed when a child fitting Max’s description is found, but it’s never Max. As she struggles to cope, Melanie shocks both Jane and Kyle with a plan to make everything right by getting pregnant to replace the baby. Reeling with shock and anger, Jane thinks her life can’t get any worse, but it does. Strange things begin to happen. Someone is determined to torture Jane with tantalizing hints that Max is alive.

Jane is a person without faith. She is angry at God for taking her baby. As the horrific events in her life escalate, she rejects the peace and acceptance to be found in faith.

Will her marriage survive? Will life ever be normal again? Will she open her heart to God? What will happen regarding Melanie’s pregnancy? Will Jane and Kyle flush out the person who kidnapped their child? Will Max be found?

My thoughts:

I actually just started this yesterday, and I haven't finished it yet. I am totally engaged though, I didn't want to put it down to write this!! I am attached to the characters, and the storyline is gripping. I cannot wait to see where this leads.

The Author:
Karen Young has sold over 10 million copies of her emotion-filled tales. She has penned romance, romantic suspense, and thrillers, but always keeps romance at the core of her stories.

After a nomadic lifestyle involving 25 moves, Karen has settled in Texas and fallen in love with its culture. To learn more - including how you could win a Kindle! - visit

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Megan @ Inspired by Fiction said...

UPDATE: I finished it, and liked it. It was fast paced, and built steadily to the climax. The ending wrapped everything up. I noticed one typo that can hopefully be fixed if it goes to another printing. But overall, this was a good suspense novel that I would recommend to others!!