Six-Liter Club Update...

WARNING: Slight Spoiler Included...
I finished Six-Liter Club last night, and I was completely satisfied with the ending. While the book did not have an overt Christian message throughout, there were Christian characters that influenced Camille. Camille's father was a missionary in Africa, and the mother of her first major case as trauma surgeon was a strong witness. When Camille finally remembers key incidents from her past, she begins to understand the meaning of a Father's love.

This was a well-written suspense/drama. The main theme of searching fits the idea that people are created with a "God-sized" hole that we strive to fill, often times with the wrong things. The only thing that "fits" is the Lord!! Camille tries to fill up by "fitting in with the boys," by succeeding in surgery, by her friends and boyfriend, and by fantasies and memories of the past. There was also a strong theme of pre-marital and extra-marital relations, which is unfortunately another way people try to fill their hole. The medical aspects of this novel were enlightening and interesting, as were the flashbacks in Africa. I loved the glimpses of that culture and time. The mystery of her past kept me guessing although I was leaning in the right direction in the end. Both humorous aspects and tender moments worked together to deliver a beautiful story of searching and finding Truth.

Again, thanks to Glass Road PR for the review copy!!

I look forward to reading more by Harry Kraus. His novels include The Claire McCall series, Salty Like Blood, andFated Genes.

His non-fiction titles include The Cure: The Divine Rx for the Body of Christ--Life-Changing Love,Breathing Grace: What You Need More Than Your Next Breath, and his latest, Domesticated Jesus.

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