Tailor-Made Bride by Karen Witemeyer

Debut novelist Karen Witemeyer makes a strong entrance to the historical Christian fiction scene. A Tailor-Made Bride is a well-written and fun romance. Set in 1881, Hannah Richards moves to Coventry to start her dream dress shop; however, not everyone in town is as thrilled as she about the prospect. Jericho Tucker, otherwise known as J.T., believes that the fashion world leads to vanity. Despite that fact, he is a kind man who helps Hannah in her move. Hannah displays charity, kindness, and love to even the unlovable of Coventry, and J.T.'s beliefs are challenged.

This was a fun book, with a tender and genuine romance. I loved the historical aspects of the novel, including the fashion, the livery, and Hannah's "daily constitution." The storyline contributed to the character growth beautifully. The main plot is entertaining, and the theme is strong. I enjoyed the relationship that developed between Hannah and J.T., and between Hannah and JT's sister, Cordelia. I loved how Hannah used her passion and dream of the dress shop to change the people of Coventry, whether in appearance or outlook. We can learn from her, and from J.T. Though it took some time, when his way of looking at certain things was challenged, he went to the Word and adjusted accordingly. While this is a light-hearted and easy read, there are some lessons to be learned. I am looking forward to what Karen has to share in her next book, Head in the Clouds, scheduled to release in October.

Visit Karen's website to learn more about her, her characters, and her upcoming title. She also has some fun links relating to her research and writing.

Thank you Karen, for sending me a copy of the book for review. I truly enjoyed it!

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Tammy G. said...

I enjoy your reviews. I thought this was a great read too! There's an award for you at http://tgteecher.blogspot.com