The Knight: A Patrick Bowers Thriller

A thriller is an apt description. I read this one in a day, so I'd have to say it was pretty good!! I stayed up late last night to finish it. I had to know what was going to happen! The book is packed full with a trial from one of Patrick's earlier cases, a new serial killer, father-daughter moments and some romantic tension. The killer seems to have everything planned, including multiple "what if" scenarios. There is a unique tie to classic literature, and again it is difficult, if not impossible, to predict who the killer is.

As far as this being classified as Christian fiction, I still don't believe that it meets those characteristics. There ARE a couple of Christian characters and a scripture reference in this one, but there is not a strong Christian message or theme. While I usually prefer novels with a stronger message, I cannot discredit this book because it was a great suspense. It kept me guessing and turning the pages. I'll be reading The Bishop next!

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Michelle V said...

I just finished The Bishop. I think there is a bit of a Christian thread going through the stories that I'm thinking might come more into play when we eventually get to the last book. The author is definitely a Christian author. I think in this case we're going to see the message after the whole series is complete. But I don't know yet. Just my thoughts.

Michelle V

Loren said...

I'm with you in wondering how these are classified as Christian novels. Not much in there but I LOVE the Bishop and cannot wait to begin the others. Having started with the Bishop first I am looking forward to getting the ground work with Patrick and his earlier days!

Great review