The Brotherhood:A Precinct 11 Novel

To be honest, I didn't expect to like this one as much as I did. It seems to be quite a guy book.  In it, Boone Drake is a officer of the Chicago Police.  He has a beautiful wife and loving son.  His dreams are coming true, but then disaster hits.  He struggles with a reason for living.  After losing so much, only his career matters until that is threatened as well.  Through desperate prayers and the ministry of the local pastor, Boone seeks solace in his faith--faith that had lacked passion in the past.  Currently, God continues to show Himself to Boone and Boone lands a new assignment that can only be from the Lord.

The horror at the beginning of this book left me sobbing-to put it lightly.  The hope that Boone Drake finds then lightened my heart.  His spiritual journey is realistic and transforming.  Many of the secondary characters touched my heart as well, and I actually would have liked to know more about them.  This is the first of a trilogy of "Precinct 11" novels, which is promising.  It makes a great series.  The Brotherhood is a fast-paced story including suspense, spiritual growth, discipleship, and a little romance.  It is easy to read with descriptive language and I would recommend it.

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