Sunrise on the Battery by Beth Webb Hart

Wow, I really liked this book.  First of all, it has a beautiful cover; it really promotes a reflective feel--don't you think?  Secondly, and more importantly, the content makes you think.  There is a theme of surrender and giving God your all.

In the book, the Scovilles have finally made it in Charleston high society, after living there and playing by the rules for years.  Jackson has teamed up with Mary Jo's old family friend in some shrewd business which has enabled them to pay for and give their daughters the life they had dreamed about growing up.  As Christmas arrives, Mary Jo senses that they are missing something, and while at church is led to ask for pray for her husband, Jackson.  And just like God promises, He answers her prayer with more than she could even ask or imagine.  God works on Jackson's heart, after a seeming "mishap" on their vacation leads him to read the Bible....the ENTIRE Bible.  Jackson is an "all or nothing" kind of guy.  And oh, what God can do with that kind of person once they commit to him!!!   Jackson and Mary Jo both go on separate journeys through their past and their desires.  They experience unbelief, anger, disbelief, shock, fear, and confusion.  But the ending is beautiful, authentic, and convicting!  I won't tell you, other than to say "What is your family mission statement?"

I love this book.  It is definitely in my top ten--possibly my favorite for the year!!  The characters have definable strengths and weaknesses.  Their emotions and actions are authentic.  At times, I actually felt what they were feeling, through my own memories, (haven't we all been hurt by our peers or wanted to fit in with this group or that) or my current excitement ( I want to be an "All In" Christian, following after Jesus with all that I have to offer.)  I want the Holy Spirit to lead me in EVERY area of my life and I want to be of use to Him!   We are "called according to His Purpose!"   The relationships and dialogue were genuine.  Sunrise on the Battery is an impactful novel with strong characters and a well-written plot.  I would highly recommend it!!!

I received this e-book through the B&B Media Group via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review...Thank you so much; it was a great one!!! 

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