Dark Star: Confessions of a Rock Idol

About the Author:
Creston Mapes is from northeast Ohio, so we are practically neighbors!  He also graduated from Bowling Green University which was the only other college that I seriously considered.  He has been writing for over 30 years and has edited and ghost-written numerous non-fiction books.  He has published three novels, finished his fourth, and is working on his fifth.  To read more about Creston Mapes visit his website.

About the Book:
Everett Lester is a world famous rock star in the band, DeathStroke.  With his fame, he falls headlong into drugs, sex, and the search for power.  He hires his very own psychic (dangerous stuff), but he also has his very own prayer warrior--in the form of a young lady driven by the Lord to pray for and write to Lester.  Who will win this battle for Lester's soul?

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My Thoughts :
The thing that struck me while reading this novel was the voice.  Written in Everett's point of view, the story alternates between his present-day court case and flashbacks of the days that led up to this trial.  The narrative has a very compelling voice.  It is like sitting down at the table to chat about his life--very real and readable.  The characters are vivid.  The plot moves quickly and is both disturbing and touching, moving from occult scenes to evangelizing.  It is gritty but sentimental, and very unique.  The story is unlike anything that I have read.

This book challenges me.  I want to be like Karen and pray unceasing for someone's salvation.  I want to shine a light in the world around me, just by the way I live.  I want others to see Jesus when they look at me.
I am looking forward to reading Book 2 of the Rock Star Chronicles, Full Tilt.  I will be reviewing it on December 3.

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Creston Mapes said...

Megan, thanks for the great review of DARK STAR! Hope you enjoy FULL TILT and NOBODY. Warm regards,
Creston Mapes