I'm Thankful for...

This week I am especially thankful for the desire God has placed in my heart to know him more!

51.  new devotional books
52.  "coincidences" that are really just God working things together!
53.  Sierra remembering to pray when she was scared to try something new.
54.  the first snowfall of the year (even when it is early)
55.  raising my kids side by side with my sister raising hers!
56.  Crosby falling asleep on his own
57.  seeing someone you haven't seen in years
58.  peace that surpasses all understanding
59.  Boston making new friends --getting past his shyness :)
60.  autumn leaves
61.  afternoon naps
62.  for my earthly father
63.  and Abba, my heavenly Father
64.  my husband's laughter
**65.  and 10 years (today) married to my love!!

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LAURIE said...

So wonderful to see you over at THANKFUL THURSDAY today. I just loved your list of thanks but especially to hear your heart of wanting to know Him more! The closer we get to Him, the easier it is to give thanks. ((blessings)) -Laurie