Names of God Bible

I firmly believe in the premise for this type of Bible.  Everyday we need to strive to know God better.  A great way to do that is to study His name, make each one real to us.  This Bible is a great tool in doing just that. There is some great information included, but I have to explain that I have been a little bit spoiled when it comes to the names of God.  Our last pastor did a series every year about God's names and encouraged us to individually choose a name each year to study and embrace, to know Him intimately as Father, Provider, Shepherd, Refuge, Healer, etc...

Here is a list on his prayer website with around 600 names of Jesus and some related scriptures.

That being said, I was slightly disappointed with this Bible because it only addresses about 70 names.  Also, throughout the text, the English names are replaced with the Hebrew and/or Aramaic names.  This was slightly distracting because I did not know the meaning of all of the names by heart, so I would have to leaf back to the list of names and find the meaning before continuing with my reading.  The Bible is written in God's Word Translation which is very readable, but it may not be the best version for in depth study.

I do like the special features associated with the names though.  These special features include an alphabetical list of the names and a list of Hebrew and Aramaic names; reading paths--to give you the next reference with that name for studying a particular name and an index with scripture references associated with each name; introductions to each book of the Bible including a list of key names in the book; name pages--with history of name, a devotional, and a prayer associated with the name; and a topical prayer guide to help pray for specific needs using His names.

One of my favorite features are the name pages.  Each one provides a wonderful short devotional on a specific name, with interesting information about the name, promises associated with the name, a story to make it more relevant, and a suggested prayer.
I also like the prayer guide and how it associates different Names of God with common prayer requests.
I have not chosen the name of Jesus that I am going to focus on this year, but when I do I plan to use this Bible as one tool for my study.  I believe there is great insight to be taken from it.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review.

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