Thankful Thursday: November 17

This week I am especially thankful for early mornings with My Lord!!!

And here is my list, I am thankful that
81.  Martin is off for Thanksgiving this year! (last year he worked a double)
82.  of Missions focus at church last week
83.  and that the children were touched by the missionary visits
84.  God is moving in our church
85.  and in Gabon
86.  and in Hamtramck
87.  our current freedom to worship Christ
88.  and to share the good news here with others
89.  that in the midst of severe persecution the church is still growing in restricted nations
90.  for half days of school
91.  and good report cards
92.  sweet potato casserole
93.  good role models for my kids
94.  for a clean sink :)
95.  a good parent teacher conference
96.  joyful kids
97.  baby squeaks
98.  good role models for me
99.  and I'm thankful for HOPE!

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bp said...

:) Your list makes me smile, including the clean sink! Hooray for good parent teach conferences. You have many blessings. Thanks for sharing.

Denise said...

I like your list.

Tami said...

Never thought to be thankful for hope, but I am. Thanks!

Kathleen said...

What a beautiful list glorifying out Lord in the big and little things. Very encouraging thanks :)