Adventures in Cake Baking...

I have been talking to my kids about baking a German chocolate cake for my husband, Martin, for Valentine's, and today we are snowed in...so today was the adventure! But first a little background. I have two kids. Sierra will be 5 in May, and Boston just turned 3 last month. They love baking. So here it goes...We started out arguing over who got to stand on who's stool and ended up with no stools! I discovered that I only have one round cake pan, so I was going to have to bake one at a time. This was not looking good. The kids stirred the lumps out of the mix and spilled on the dining table. Then they helped me crack the eggs :) After that, Boston got bored and I started mixing. He came running back to the kitchen upset that his balloon tiger from the Carnival last week had come undone. So I recreated it, a little lopsidedly! Meanwhile, Sierra turned the mixer back on "to help," only the mixer was not in the bowl, so batter splattered everywhere. Now-- the wall, the toaster, the counter, and three extra bowls (that I had mistakenly left out) all needed washed, not to mention our clothes! While I made an initial wipe down, Boston snuck a spoon out of the drawer and headed toward the batter, with a knowing grin on his face! Finally one cake was in the oven, and the kids were distracted. I sat down to the computer.
When the first cake was finished, I started working on the filling and (all moms out there, feel free to ask "what were you thinking!?!") I asked the kids if they wanted to help clean up! They each pulled a chair up to the sink and reached for the faucet. As Sierra went for the sprayer, I lovingly reminded them not to splash each other. (Sierra is helping me write this, and she wants me to add that I did not want splashed either. This is true!) Well, five minutes of them cleaning up led to me sending them upstairs to clean themselves up, while I took the second cake out of the oven. I went to the sink to assess the damage, did I mention I was wearing socks, and of course I stepped into a large puddle. Wiping that up, I then finished the dishes that were good and wet and soapy!! Leaving everything to cool, I started this documentation of our exciting adventures in cake baking. Now the question...should I let them help icing it!?!

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