Take One by Karen Kingsbury

Working in a bookstore for 8 years has proven that Kingsbury is one of the biggest names in the genre. She has a huge following and not without reason. She has published 53 books, with 2 more due out this year. Like Dandelion Dust has been made into a movie and A Thousand Tomorrows is currently in production. She writes contemporary stories of life, love, families, and relationships. Her novels are believable, and readers can relate to the characters. Of those characters, the Baxter family is perhaps the most cherished. They make a beautiful contribution to this new Above the Line series.
The main story in this novel is about Chase and Keith making an inspirational movie. The two served on the mission field together until they felt God leading their mission field to the movie industry; however, they face many trials and setbacks trying to produce their movie. On the sidelines, they make friends with the Baxters; and Keith's daughter, Andi, is Bailey Flanagan's new roommate in college. (Bailey is also from the Baxter books.) Because I had read the other three series, I found myself more engaged in Bailey's story (at least at the beginning). As I got to know Chase and Keith, I loved seeing their faith tested and proved through each new difficulty. I appreciated the message that following God's will may not always be easy. The enemy will try to stop you, but through prayer, the Lord accomplishes His will in His way. Philippians 4:13 says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" And I say "Amen!"
As with other Kingsbury novels, Take One is a clear description of life and relationships. The characters are well-rounded; we get to know their weaknesses. Many of the situations they face are similar to ones we all have experienced. The story was emotionally engaging, and I can't wait continue the series!


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