CFRB: Forgiving Sean by Jessica Adriel

Forgiving Sean
by Jessica Adriel

This month, CFRB presents Forgiving Sean by Jessica Adriel.

I have just joined the Christian Fiction Review Blog, and this is the book they are touring right now. I did not get to read it, but it is now on my wish list! (I'm going to download the free chapters from Adriel's website tonight.) Forgiving Sean is the second book in the Chatham series; the third book is due out this summer. In the first book Drawing Marissa, Marissa Gladstone's dad dies. She starts a relationship with Sean Moffit, but he skips town three years later leaving Marissa, pregnant with a ring on her finger and no explanation. Marissa is reintroduced to Hawke Davies, who it seems shows her the love she needs. In Forgiving Sean, Hawke proposes to Marissa, but after losing her dad and Sean, she is hesitant and afraid to hurt again. To make matters more complicated, Sean returns home. He wants Marissa back and she needs to know why he left. There is a bit of competition between Sean and Hawke, and both have confessions to make. Marissa is stuck in the middle and in need of God's grace to help her forgive and move toward the future He wants for her.

About the Author:
(from CFRB)
Jessica Adriel is a licensed minister, author, mother and speaker. She spends her days penning books, preparing talks and delving into the world of teenagers. Her gifts of communication and compassion were noticed early on when she composed over 800 poems during high school and yet spent a great deal of time with volunteer efforts. A native to New England, it was Jessica's tragic stint of car accidents, assaults and a four year career in modeling that inspired her to write 'real life' novels that impact teenagers. Today Jessica inspires and ignites teens to find their God given purpose through her books and challenging seminars. Her stories provide a bridge between today's generation and the pressures of media and peer pressure which lead teens in the wrong direction. Armed with a plethora of stories and a deep love for God, Jesus introduces her audience to Christ in unconventional, yet very powerful ways.

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David said...

Awesome standard post. Although you didn't read the book you gave a lot of information out to make others want to read it (yourself included). Kudos Megan. God bless.