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I'm new to book blogging and did not realize the number and variety of different challenges that are out there. I found a few more that I know I'll be able to finish. There are also some that I thought were pretty interesting, so I'll add them here too. Then we'll see if I get to them all at the end of the year! So, I've already talked about the 100+ books in a year, the 20 new-to-me Christian authors, and the 24 Christian historical fiction books.

I found the following challenges on There are different levels of participation for each ranging from Curious (3 books), Fascinated (6 books), Addicted (12 books), and Obsessed (20 books). The challenges are: 1rst in series, 2cnd reading, Finish that series, Wish I'd read that, and the Chunkster reading challenge. For the 1rst in a series, I'll shoot for 6 books, which should be pretty easy for me. In the 2cnd reading challenge, you can read second in a series or second book by an author. I'm tempted to sign up for addicted and say I'll read 12, but to be safe I'll start with 6 here too. I'm also signing up for 6 in the Finish that series, and 6 in the Wish I'd read that challenge, which includes book's I've been wanting to read for a while, but haven't.

The chunkster challenge has it's own site, and it's focus is large books, over 450 pages, with 3 levels being 3 books, 4 books, or 6 books. You can opt to read 3 books over 750 pages for this last category. This challenge started Feb 1, and I am sticking with 3 for this one.

The next challenge is Support your local library challenge, with 4 levels of entry. The first is the mini totaling 25 books from the library; the next is the Just my size with 50 books. Then there is the Stepping it up with 75 and the Super Size Me at 100. Seeing as how I have hundreds of books in my house yet to read, and this is not an exaggeration, I'll stay with the mini because I do love the library!

The next two are a little more complicated. What's in a Name? 3 challenge includes 6 books with specifics about the title. The six books all must meet a certain requirement about the title. The titles must include a food, a body of water, a name title(like queen, Mr. or Mrs., Lady, etc), a plant, a place name, and a music term. This was found on
The TwentyTen reading challenge originated on For this challenge you read two books per 10 categories totaling 20 books. The categories are as follows. Young adult, T.B.R. (books already on your shelf to read), Shiny and New (books bought new from a bookstore in 2010), Bad bloggers (books you read based on the recommendation of another should include link), Charity (books bought from a local charity shop), New in 2010 (published in 2010), Older than you (published before you were born), Win!Win! (books you need to read for another challenge), Who are you again? (authors you've never heard of), Up to you (make up your own rules).

All of these can overlap other challenges but now within themselves. A breakdown for me would be a total of 101 books for 2010, with 20 being new to me authors, 24 christian historical, 6 1rst in series, 6 finishing series, 6 second (either in series or by author), 3 with over 450 pages, 25 from the library, one with food in the title, one with a body of water, one with a title in the title, one with a plant, one with a place name, and one with a music term in the title. Two need to be young adult titles, 2 from my to be read pile, 2 bought new from a bookstore this year, and two bought from a charity store, 2 based on bloggers recommendations, 2 published in 2010, and 2 published before 1978, 2 by authors I've never heard of, and for the category I'm making up, 2 recommended by someone in a book store.

I will keep a running list of books I've read here, with the challenges that they meet...


Beth F said…
Challenges are very addictive! Welcome to the What's a Name Challenge! Hope you have fun.
This can all get a little overwhelming, huh?!

Just a note to say we posted about your Karen Kingsbury giveaway at Winning Readings:
Julie said…
Hi-I am a new follower of your blog-I love Karen Kingsbury books. I came here via Winning Readings
thanks :)
Benita said…
I also came via Winning Readings. I'd love to read this book. I just became a follower via google friend connect. My fingers are crossed. Thanks for the possibility.


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