Seeing Things by Patti Hill

This was a fun read with strong characters and an even stronger message. Birdie Wainwright has macular degeneration with a large grey blur in the middle of her vision. If that were not enough she starts seeing things. It starts with flowers, but when the field of flowers is in place of her stairs, she takes a tumble and breaks an ankle. Her son brings her to his house to recover. Living in her sons house allows her a view of the troubles there. She makes new friends and develops a new way to pray for family. AND Huckleberry Finn makes frequent visits. Between her dog, her vision, and her hallucinations, she causes some trouble. But the Lord uses her to make some needed changes in her family's lives.
Seeing Things was the first of Patti Hill's work that I have read, but from the prologue I knew I would enjoy it. Hill's writing is unique and fresh like the first buds in spring, promising growth and entertainment. Each character down to the smallest of parts was believable and real. She has created some of the most three dimensional characters I have read in quite some time. Birdie's voice was solid and real. She reminded me a bit of my grandmother. The storyline flowed smoothly with a strong Christian worldview. The power of prayer and sacrificial love were strong themes in this novel, and I am sure to remember the example of how Birdie "lowered her family through the roof" to Jesus in prayer. I loved this book and I'm passing it on to my mom this week!

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