Devotional thought of the day

Admittedly, I have been slacking a bit in my personal time with the Lord. This morning He met me in a beautiful way of which I am so unworthy. I wept, that after neglecting Him for a time He still blessed me with His tangible presence. Wow-what a Lord we serve!!
This reminded me of a conversation that I had with my husband not too long ago about thirst. we talked about water and how neither of us drink enough, but often when we do grab that bottle or pour that glass, it tastes so good. It fills a need we did not know we had. I'll start to drink, only to gulp down half the bottle, not realizing how thirsty I really was until I got a taste. The same can be said for my thirst for Jesus. Sometimes, especially when I haven't been faithful in getting with Him, I do not realize how much I miss Him, how much I want Him, how much I need Him. Just a sip this morning had me gasping for Him. I couldn't get enough. He was waiting there to fill me up. He knew that I needed Him; when I finally reached for Him to get a sip, He satisfied beyond what I could ask.
Psalm 42: 1&2
As the deer pants for the water,
so my soul pants for You, O God.
My soul thirsts for Got, for the living God
In my devotional time, I read Mark 11: 15-17. Jesus clears the temple, allowing nothing and no one to hinder the people's way to God. We must do the same; clear the distractions and get to Him! He satisfies a thirst that often you do not realize you had. He is the Only One who can fill that hole and satisfy that thirst!

Thank you Lord for brining me back to you, not only to satisfy, but also to give me a greater thirst for You!


Pen of Honor said…
I couldn't possibly agree more, Meg. God's faithfulness to us is absolutely incredible. What you said reminds me of Jesus with the woman at the well. To whom He said He would give "living water." He is truly the only One who can satisfy.

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