Things Worth Remembering by Jackina Stark

Things Worth Remembering was an touching story about redemption. It stresses the importance of forgiveness in both the offender and the offended's lives. Written in alternating mother and daughter points of view, you learn of a relationship gone astray nine years ago. The story covers the week prior to daughter Maisey's wedding. The tension is high between the two women, and as the week progresses they each remember moments before and after their relationship changed. Thus we learn how they have changed, and in a pivotal confrontation, we learn why.
At first I wasn't sure if I liked the voices; I felt Kennedy (the mother) was a bit whiny, and Maisey just spoiled or selfish. However, the story progressed well, and as they started to remember and reveal, they each grew on me. I loved the secondary characters of Kennedy's husband and Maisey's fiance, and Luke and Marcus were crucial to the resolution.
I enjoyed having both main characters' perspectives. It added fresh layers to the plot and narration. This book does not fit the mold. It is unique and inspiring. My daughter is only 4, but I have dreams of what our relationship could be as she grows. Although Kendy and Maisey went through a very difficult experience, this book challenges you to work for it! I have Stark's Tender Graces on my shelf and hope it will be as well delivered as this one is. I would, without hesitation recommend Things Worth Remembering.

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