BOOK REVIEW: A Gift of Grace by Amy Clipston

Amish fiction is one of the most popular sub-genres in Christian fiction. At the bookstore, we had women looking for them daily. I am not one of those avid followers that reads them all; however, I have read a few and will probably read a few more.
I enjoyed A Gift of Grace. There was some repetitive language throughout the novel, and I felt that the final conflict was unnecessary (maybe a little too much). Over all the plot was interesting and unique. The story centered around Rebecca Kauffman, who becomes legal guardian of her Englisch sister's two teenage daughters after a tragic accident. Rebecca had been unable to have children of her own and strives to do her best in this difficult situation. The girls are very different and conflict arises as Rebecca, her husband, and the two girls try to adjust. Each one sees God's will differently, and they must work to reconcile their own wills to each other's and to His. Speckled throughout the novel were delicious sounding recipes, and the final chapters set up the sequel nicely. A Promise of Hope releases on April 1, and you'll probably want to find out what happens next.
The characters were believable, each with his or her own internal struggle. They had to figure out how to act, who to be, and what to do. Each asked the question "is this God's will," and each heard a different answer, often believing that God's will matched their own. This is realistic and relevant, as we must search beyond our own desires to find what He wants in each situation. There were also enough external conflicts to keep the story moving. It was an easy read with thought provoking moments. For those who do not read much Amish fiction, this would be a good one because the focus is not on the Amish aspect, but on family relationships. Fans of Amish fiction are also sure to enjoy the Kauffman Amish Bakery series.

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