BOOK REVIEW: Watch Over Me by Christa Parrish

This is my second Parrish novel. I read Home Another Way last year and really liked it; therefore I was looking forward to this one. It did not disappoint me.
Watch Over Me is actually a series of stories strung together through the characters. The main story line involves Ben and Abbi Patil, two very different individuals in a very difficult marriage. The other two pivotal parts of the narration are concerning an abandoned infant (where did she come from, whose is she, where will she go) and a deaf teenager struggling through dialysis with little support from home. Each of the characters, both main and secondary ones, work through their own difficulties and tragedies as well as familial and/or marital problems. I was drawn into all aspects of the story right from the start, especially that of Matt, the teenage boy. Faith is pivotal in carrying the characters through their journeys or "dark nights of their souls" to find healing and redemption on the other side. They are each looking for someone to "watch over them," and in a way each play that role for another. It is good to know The One who watches over me! He sends people in and out of our lives to move us along our path closer to Him.
Parrish has a clear writing style that allows for easy reading, but she also delivers a strong faith element and leaves the reader with thoughts to ponder. Her voice is crisp and fresh. Her novels are unique. Christa Parrish is one that I will continue to follow, and I recommend that you do as well!


Sara said...

Great review. Sounds like a good book.

Rel said...

Excellent review :) Love Christa's books