Lone Star Blessings by Bonnie Winn

This Love Inspired novel is book 1 in the "Rosewood, Texas series." Rosewood is a small close-knit town that reminds me a bit of Mayberry! Everyone knows everyone; they have grown up together and go to church together, etc. One day Kate Lambert moves into town to take care of her father, who is recuperating from a fall. On the way into town, she is pulled over by the sheriff, Tucker Grey: the tall, handsome, and widowed sheriff. Kate is talked into teaching Sunday School and meets Tucker's daughter, Alyssa (who has been attending church by herself since her mother died). Having lost her own mother at a young age, the two bond quickly, and Tucker feels convicted.

With touching moments, humorous scenes, and down to earth characters, Lone Star Blessings was a fun book to read. I read it all in almost one sitting! It was a cute story, with lovable characters. The descriptions were clear, and there was a solid Christian worldview throughout the book. The romance was tender and realistically slow-growing after all Tucker had lost, and the secondary characters supported the main characters and the story beautifully. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a light, sweet read. I'm curious who will be the main characters in book two, Return to Rosewood.


Trinity Rose said...

Love your site. Was wondering where do you get the Love Inspired books to review? I love those books, but haven't found any place to get them for review. Thanks for your help in this.
Also would love for you to be a follower of my blog.
Thanks and blessings,
Trinity Rose


Megan @ Inspired by Fiction said...

These two I received from a reader's choice contest that I was judging. I don't know where you'd get review copies, but check out morefreebooks.com or they have an affiliate program at http://www.eharlequin.com/articlepage.html?articleId=13&chapter=0

Hope that helps!