VOICE: a devotional thought for readers and writers

I pay close attention to voice when reading and writing. The voice of a book adds to its message and impact; it often determines who will read and enjoy the book and who won't. It adds to character development and mood. The voice makes a huge contribution in all aspects of a book, but what about voice in our daily lives. During Bible study today, we discussed David and Goliath. Everyone around David was afraid and discouraging. David knew God, and he knew himself. He listened to the voice of truth (which reminds me of the Casting Crowns song), and God used him to defeat Goliath and rescue the Israelites.

There are many messages and voices that we face everyday: from our family and friends, from random people we come into contact, from media, and from the Lord. Which voice we listen to shapes our lives; it shapes what we do and who we are. Many messages may make sense; many are even factual, but are they true! (eg...fact: I messed up again...truth "His mercies are new each morning, I am forgiven.") The Bible says Jesus is the Truth! If we do not know Him, how can we recognize which voice to follow. We must follow the Holy Spirit's voice, through scripture and prayer and stillness.

Then there is the voice we speak; do we use our true voice, or the one that we think others want to hear. Again, without Jesus (the Truth), how can we know who we are or what our true voice sounds like. What "voice" do you live when no one sees you but God? How do you think He wants to refine that voice? Does your voice lead others toward the Truth or away from Him?

What voice do you listen to? What voice do you speak? Is it focused on the Truth?

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