Saturday's Song/CD

Last week when I posted about my plans for the blog, I included a weekend song or CD; then Thursday I found both the Thankful Thursday meme and this one.  I thought I might as well join it!

I wanted to feature a CD this week: one that has God has really used in my life.  I feel almost as though there is a special anointing on this album.  I always heightens my awareness of the Holy Spirit's presence.  Even after listening to it countless times, I am often in tears during the first three songs.  I've had the CD for over a year, but the first time I listened to it was at work a couple of years ago.  I put it in before we opened the store and My kids are always asking me to play "Ma Wa," which is what they call the fourth song "Essengo"  (sung in African).  The rest of the CD is good too.  Here is the play list:

  1. "You Raise Me Up"
  2. "Part the Waters Lord"/"I Need Thee Every Hour" 
  3. "I Bless Your Name" 
  4. "Essengo"
  5. "All My Praise"
  6. "There Is Power in the Blood" 
  7. "You Are My Hiding Place" 
  8. "Through It All" 
  9. "By and By (We'll Understand It Better By and By)" 
  10. "O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus" 
  11. "All of Me" 
  12. "Before the Throne of God Above" 
  13. "Turn To You" 
  14. "Anything and Everything" 
  15. "Down in the River to Pray" 

Here is the music video to Selah's You Raise Me Up



Michelle said...

Beautiful song!

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan! Sorry to be a pain, but I couldn't locate the link to your giveaway post, lol. I would like to be entered for Ted Dekker's "The Bride Collector", and I'm following you now via GFC. Thanks! Have a blessed evening!

Loraine Ertelt said...

Megan I have this CD and have seen Selah in person twice. They autographed this CD. I absolutely LOVE every song on it. But "You Raise Me Up" is my absolute favorite and puts tears in my eyes every time I hear it.