Thankful Thursday: October

Today I am especially thankful for the gift of joy that my children have and share with others!!!

And here is my list, I'm thankful for:

16.  new opportunities
17.  the Lord's conviction
18.  Martin's work
19.  Martin's days off :)
20.  my parents
21.  gummy smiles (toothless baby smiles)
22.  Zumba
23.  brownies
24.  finding new meaning in God's word
25.  baby cooing
26.  laughter
27.  productive cleaning
28.  free review copies of books
29.  for the privilege and ability to stand before the Throne in prayer
30.  and sunshine
31.  late blooming flowers
32. pumpkins

I especially like how brownies comes right after Zumba....hmmm!?!

The Home of Thankful Thursday is Grace Alone...
It is hosted this month by Spiritually Unequal Marraige 

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Bridget said...

Love sunshine with cool temps!! Finding new meaning in God's word is something I need to strive for everyday!!!!

Lisa Maria said...

Hi there.. visiting from Thankful Thursday. Love the rose in your header and we have that love of Christian fiction in common too! This may seem like a dumb question but... what's Zumba?

Good to meet you.. God bless!

Melanie said...

Love your list! I really need some of that "productive cleaning" around here: )

Megan @ Inspired by Fiction said...

Lisa Maria-
Thanks, and Zumba is a latin dance fitness program. I have danced for most of my life and Zumba is an exercise program that I actually enjoy! Thanks again.

Unknown said...


Your thankful list inspires me. It's so neat that you think of these many things that bring joy into your life and you give thanks.

Happy TT. See you again this week. Lynn