Thankful Thursday: October 27

This week I am especially thankful that my 6 month old was only a little fussy after his shots.  At two months he was terribly sick after receiving the entire recommended vaccinations (a total of 6!!!)  So at four months we only gave him one, and on Tuesday he received 2 more.  He didn't sleep well, but other than that there was no reaction.  It was truly an answer to prayer!!  Thank you, Jesus!

33.  my identity in Christ
34.  Seeds Scripture CDs
35.  Sierra's love of reading (my 6 year old)
36.  seasons
37.  good conversations with my mom
38.  the Creator
39.   and His Creation
40.  AWANA
41.  the innocent joy of loosing a tooth (again my 6 year old)
42.  walking home from preschool with my 4 year old
43.  a Christian preschool
44.  cleansing rain
45.  warm blankets
46.  my friend and mentor, Linda :)
47.  support to help you "off the mountain"  (see Deut 1:6&7a)
48.  the color turquoise
49.  hugs
50.  dinner with Martin

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I have 5 sons - 25 to 11 - and I was finally going through boxes of books after our move. In a rare, painful move, I decided to discard some of them. When my oldest son and wife came through dinner, he dug through them, saying, "You can't just throw books away." LOL - it was so nice to see that love for books fostered since he was born become alive like that! It is so great when our little ones love to read!
Tami said…
Love your thanks for big and small. Your thanks for the color turquoise made me smile.
Unknown said…
This thankful list is just beautiful. I always love to read about your life and your thanks. Big hugs.

Happy TT.

Have a wonderful November and a blessed Holiday season. Hugs, Lynn

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