What's to Come...

With changes in my life, there will be changes on my blog too.  I am hoping for one fiction review and one non-fiction review each week, but will probably do less than that.  I would like to do a spin off of Friday Follower where I will feature a faithful follower of Jesus: including Biblical character, men and women of church history, and present day stories, maybe even stories of friends and family.  I would like to read and research the real lives of other Christians, past and present. I am also thinking about a featuring a word on Wednesdays.  There are so many powerful words: like abide, surrender, freedom, grace, mercy, etc, etc...  On the weekends, I'd like to highlight songs or CDs.
I'll start with this, and if that works out, I have a few more ideas to add on.
So let's see how I do starting next week:
                2 reviews
                A word to think about on Wednesday
                Friday's faithful follower
                Sat/Sun song/CD

Oh, and I'll be hosting a Comment Contest with more information to come on Monday!

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